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IMG_6956I went to see Kabuki yesterday (Sept. 5) at Kabuki za theater in Ginza.  I received an invitation from the bank where I have some account.  I had participated in the similar program before and saw Kyogen and concert, I recall.  This time, it had Kabuki as one of the options and the date worked well for me, so I chose this program.

I had been to Kabuki za several times before it was renovated.  I usually saw just one play, and not the whole program.  But since the theater was renovated, I did not have a chance to go.

Matinee began at 11:00 am and had three  pieces(programs?). The first one was a light comedy and was fun.  The last and main program was about sad story with somewhat complicated script.  The one I liked best was the second piece called “Autumn Foliage Party”.  It had three different music groups each with distinguished features and they took turns as the story developed.  Story started rather slow and deliberate, but turned very dramatic as it went on.  I liked the stage setting, and the actors, Somegoro Ichikawa and Shoroku Onoe.

IMG_6960 The last program was fine, but toward the end, I had difficulty concentrating.  Though they provided audio device with which the story, actors and music was explained (great help to enjoy),  I had to concentrate on words spoken.  After all, it was 5 hours!  (We were given Bento after the first item.)  It is great as a whole day event.

I love performing arts of any kind and do like Kabuki, one of the traditional Japanese performing arts.  Probably I can try the one-item show ticket sold on the day from now on. (I used to do that before Kabuki za was renovated)  Now that I had the opportunity to appreciate not only the program, but also the theater itself (it is wonderful!), I will try to make time to go more often.

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