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I went to see Kabuki at Shimbashi Embujo yesterday.  Recently  I have become quite interested in the performing arts of Japan from various reasons.  I saw two shows at Kabuki-zal last month and the month before.

After the Kabuki-za was closed for renovation, they moved the main Kabuki shows to Shimbashi Embujo, which is close by.  The interesting part was that the shows this month at Enbujo  include the same shows with the ones performed at Kabuki-za last month. Last month it was performed by the leading veteran actors, while the actors this month are younger, i.e. in their 30s and 40s.

I wanted to see the same show, but by different actors, and thus, went to see it.   I wanted to see it from the seat, as I saw the last two shows I saw at Kabuki-za from way up on the third floor up. It was very crowded and I even stood on the line for two hours! I was fortunate to get a ticket on the first floor, center, 10th row even on the day of performance. (I was not sure whether I could make it or not, so I had refrained from reserving the ticket in advance.)

It was quite an experience. I get the same excitement and inspiration from the shows I see at Broadway etc.  Experience of being there at the theater is real and gives a completely different feeling.  If you are in the center, close to the stage, it is even more so.   I am not sure whether it was the difference in my seats, but I noticed several differences in the way they acted.

Veterans have presence, authority and convey the power of tradition, while the young actors give you the fresh air and the power from high, lively and raw energy.  (This seems such a cliche, but you can feel the beauty of both there.)  Great way to spend Friday afternoon after a hard and busy week!

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