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So today (it is now 10 pm on Thursday in Kona) is the last day of my stay and I am leaving early tomorrow morning. I was here for the total of three days, but it was more than enough to refresh myself and relax.
Atlantis submarine tour (photo of fish I saw from Atlantis and saw while snorkeling) and snorkel cruise, as well as jogging in the morning and drive to Waikoloa this afternoon. I read near the pool yesterday and today against the children having fun at the pool. That is just about all I did, but nice. Dinner at three different places was also good-food was good and the places are lively with people having fun.
What was best about this trip, however, was the beautiful scenery -sun rise and sun set, with the sound of waves day in and day out. As I drove to Waikoloa, all I saw was huge pieces of land. After about 20 minutes or so, the nice resort shows up. (In fact, I was a bit bored with seeing so many shops selling Hawaiian stuff.) I much prefer watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset.
I am glad that I made an impulse decision to get away. Now back to Tokyo just in time for cherry blossoms….(That is not bad, either.)

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