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 broadwayday Yesterday, Sunday, August 2, was the Junk Food Day for me. It started with Burrito with Chorizo at the cart on the Avenue of Americas for brunch.  ($7 ) Some type of fair was going on (as on many weekends) on the Avenue of Americas despite the rain here and there. 

  Even though NYC is known for great restaurants, you need to try those junk food at the cart. 

  On the same day, I even had a cheeseburger with a bag of fries, (with beer) at the Burger Joint off the lobby of the hotel I am staying for dinner.  This Burger Joint which is off the lobby (invisible) is so well known that some people call it the best burger in the city.   They are VERY good and  not necessarily great for healthy lifestyle.  It is so much fun to have Junk Food Day, though!

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