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pedroOn June 8, Monday from 19:00, we will host the first session of Global Agenda Seminar series (GAS) 2015 at Roppongi Academy Hills. Our guest is Professor Pedro Videla of IESE, whose areas of specialization include macroeconomics, international economies and emerging economies.

The topic is “How does Europe see the Abenomics and the Japan’s future?” We will start off with his presentation, followed by discussion. The entire session will be in English with no translation.

Prof. Videla has been involved as consultant in projects with institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, EU, the Inter American Development Bank, and the USAID. He has also been a guest professor at many universities worldwide, including Reykjavik University (Iceland), Nile University (Egypt), Lagos Business School (Nigeria), CEIBS (China), Universidad de los Andes, (Chile) and Wharton School (USA).

As I come back from 2.5 week long overseas trips, I realize again the need to step out of the national boundaries and look at Japanese economy from global perspectives. Prof. Videla is well known for his audience-friendly approach to put economic issues into perspectives.

Our registration is open(only in Japanese), so please join us. The only problem is that you need to have your friend who can read/write Japanese to register for you, as Academy Hills does NOT events etc.  in English. I am sorry about this arrangement (despite my request to at least have English site!), but I hope this will encourage you to come with friends. Hope to see you on June 8.

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