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annual reporthanatsubaki hallAs I wrote earlier, on Friday, June 24, we will host session #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. From June to October, we will have four company-sponsored sessions at their venue. (no session on August for the summer)
This time, we will think about how we define “Beauty”. I serve as non-executive director of Shiseido and have attended their Global Kick off  for the first time. I was very impressed with the video showing different people responding to the question “What is beauty for you?” What intrigued me even more was the diversity of responses from people in different countries.
As I have discussed global strategy for Shiseido with some people there, I realized how important the concept of “beauty” is at the company. At the same time, I found it quite difficult when we discussed the concept in English.
It is because one of the perplexing questions I have had when I heard “beauty” in English, I noticed that the term “beauty” and “beautiful” means much more than appearance. I In fact, I had an impression that “beautiful” was used much more often indicating the abstract concept.
I still am not quite sure what would be the best way to capture what this term means. I feel that in Japan, the concept of “beauty” goes much further than appearance. For example, I feel there is music which cannot be described by other words than “beautiful” and some actions/behaviors of people the same way.

As I was exploring the concept, I came across with two interesting examples.   One is the article by Hideshi Hamazaki, creative visual thinker who says that business must be beautiful. (according to the Wired magazine, Japanese version.)  At the other extreme,  Donald Trump, nominee of the Republican party for the US President, seems to use the term “beautiful” much too often that I feel the term is somewhat hurt. (Next time you hear his speech, count the number he uses “beautiful.”)

We will see how this concept of “beauty” can be relevant to us, and not just abstract concept because Shiseido is interested in how people feel close and engaged using this term.  The details and registration information is already up at our website.  Registration is filling up quickly.  If you want to explore the concept of beauty–what “beauty” means to you in specific terms, join us on June 24.  Looking forward to seeing you then.

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