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We just finished #58 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Philips Japan Friday last week. We discussed various aspects of applying technology to “health” issues.  Over 50 people participated in interesting and lively brainstorming sessions.  Here is the announcement of our next session #59.  The topic is “gig economy” and it will be held at 100BANCH in Shibuya.  100 BANCH is a very interesting space for experiment for young entrepreneurs.  I visited the space twice and was very impressed.  You will enjoy just being there.

We will have two guests-David Corbin, head of Tech in Asia and Benjamin Boas, international communication consultant and ambassador for Cool Japan.  They will introduce the concept of “gig economy” and its landscape/outlook for Asia and implication for Japan. (Not many people are familiar with the term “gig economy”, but you will find out then.)

We will also have few projects at 100BANCH presented so that we can brainstorm to support them.  Our site is already open and registration has started. Be sure to check the site and register.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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