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Last Friday at session #27 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we developed some ideas to make contemporary music more accessible to the public. We had live performance of music composed by Dai Fujikura. It was the first time we had live music by cello and clarinet.
ConflictMinerals-150x150Our next session #28 of Davos Experience in Tokyo will feature very different topic–“conflict minerals.” You may think this is the subject you are not familiar with and/or not interested at all. You may not even know what “conflict minerals” are.    “Conflict minerals” including tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold are mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo and often connected to the human rights atrocities and funding of armed conflicts. We would like you to develop some ideas as to how we can raise awareness of the issues and to promote recycling of minerals.
For #28 held at HP, we will find what Hewlett Packard has been doing to address this issue of conflict minerals by using their technology, in particular, through transforming the supply chain process.
Join us at HP to find out their activities and to brainstorm what we as consumers and companies can do. For details and registration, please check our website.

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