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keyI am now almost 90% on Mac Book Air. I wanted to look “cool?” at Starbucks where I work very often now that I am a freelancer without office, and decided to switch to Mac Book. (Another trigger was my attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 caused so much headache and I went back to Windows 7! and finally switched to Mac at the end of last year.)
Even after I switched to Mac Air, I stayed with Office 365 and continued using powerpoint for my slides. I found out that layout gets messy sometimes when I try to project my file made on Mac on Windows and learned that I could make it in pdf form to avoid trouble.
Through last week in the middle of trips to Osaka and Hiroshima for seminar, I struggled to change powerpoint file to pdf (for some reason I could not do despite many suggestions from friends and I succeeded ONCE but could not replicate again!).  It caused me a lot of headaches as I was pressed for time to start with. I finally decided to use keynote as I heard you can change it to pdf without any problem.
I tried for the first time myself this evening and after some trial and error, I believe I made it.
Learning something new requires patience, perseverance and unfounded trust in your ability to do it. I still am not too familiar with keynote, but at least I made it for the seminar tomorrow!
We will see whether it works tomorrow afternoon!

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