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As I wrote often on this blog and/or tweet, I do love flying and airport. I am leaving tonight to head back to Hawaii, to enjoy the rest of my vacation.

Over luncheon yesterday for my Dad’s birthday, we began talking about how I could handle trip from Hawaii to Tokyo and back in 2.5 days.  I did not think too much of it, as I love flying and it is relatively short flight and not much time difference.  Then I found out that not many people do like flying.

When I talked about the excitement of being at the airport lounge and flying in general, some of them were surprised.  They were even more surprised to hear that I sleep on board  well (that is where I catch up with my sleep, these days!) and also love food. (I particularly like the ones by the US airlines, as they serve big portions!   As I cannot drink alcohol due to my back pain, I pass good champagne and wine on board, AND beer on tap at the lounge before I take off,  to my regret these days!)

Being at the airport lounge makes me feel that I am embarking into the wide world where many exciting things can happen. I love that feeling….

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