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It is not that much of a problem in Tokyo  (except weekend when most of the restaurants etc. are closed) as we can still go out to eat, unlike other major cities in the world where only option is delivery only.  However, I can make the best of  time  to do  things, while taking time (i.e. not rushing)  than what we usually do.  One of my activities is cooking.  I do love cooking to start with and cook almost every day as I want to eat good food!.

These days, however, I get to try other recipes and the convection oven I had bought a while ago, but have not used that often.  Now I go to grocery store every afternoon  to refresh myself in the middle of following information on screen full of Covid-19 news and of preparing slides/outline/draft etc.   At the grocery store, I am tempted and actually do buy food I usually do not buy, in particular, when they are on sale.

I tried octopus yesterday and cooked it with olive oil, garlic and red chili pepper.  It turned out quite good, but I may have cooked a bit too long (I tried octopus prepared this way in NYC a while ago and decided to give it a try.)    My favorite these days are pea shoots.  They are so good (I usually sauteed very quickly with garlic and salt & pepper.)  You can make it with anchovy for pasta. (which is what I am trying tonight!) I did not think of taking the photo of dishes I made, and thus did not use big plate etc. But here it is. (You can get the feel for it.) It was VERY good!.

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