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This Term, I am team-teaching the Problem Solving course as ICS. My colleague is Hiroshi Kanno who used to work for Boston Consulting Company.  As the course is made a required course for all the first year students(which is close to 60 in total) , we have decided to have quite a few separate sessions in which Hiroshi takes half of the students and I do the other half, and we alternate.

We have thought about several alternatives to make the course as effective as possible and we have come to the idea of combination of joint and separate sessions.  We also have several other new ideas we are trying this year.

I am finding out how much fun it is to work together with the colleague with extensive experience, dedication and willingness to try new things.  I am getting so much benefit from discussing, comparing notes, debating and arguing back and forth as to the way to proceed.

I have heard about collaborative innovation and open system so much in the past few years and believe that is the way to go.  Now I am actually doing it myself and find it very valuable. Learning by doing is GREAT!

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