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I like overseas travel and business trips bring me to places I have never been. These two years, I accept invitation to speak/participate in the conferences at the places I have never been to.  This year, it was Bahia, and Sao Paulo, Brazil and Nice/Monaco.  I visited Milano, Italy last year, for vacation, as I joined my friend from high school who stayed there for few months.  I was supposed to go to Istanbul, Turkey, another place I have never been, in a few weeks, but after I find the communication does not function well for transportation, I decided not to go.  It was too bad as I wanted to see what Istanbul, Turkey is like, but headaches in the past few weeks outweigh the potential joy.

We often say that we should get out of our comfort zone to be creative/innovative and find out what else is there.  I agree and usually try to do something different.  As to the overseas trips, however, I may find myself go to my usual places such as New York and British Columbia.  I suppose the key is to mix new places where you may encounter interesting and different experiences AND your comfortable places where you can simply relax.   I will see how I feel after my upcoming trip to Tel Aviv. So stay tuned… (hahaha!)

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