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I joined BBC Business Matters this morning (9:00 am JST) as in the past.  I am fortunate to be given this opportunity to join (now even better, as I can join from home via facetime audio, instead of taking subway to go to studio!) the show, once in a while.  The other guest was Prof Peter Morici in Washington DC.

We covered Covid 19 status in the US where there are many issues and disagreement regarding the response by the Federal and State, as well as by government and by scientists.  I tried to explain the status in Japan after extensive story on the US.  Japan is much more quiet? compared with the US, partly because the infected and death is much lower, though the number started rising in some areas.

I was asked about Olympics and said that we have other immediate issues such as Covid 19 and heavy rainfall causing damage in some parts of Japan. We also have issues regarding economic recovery, and other weaknesses that are revealed in the Covid-19. I  was a bit surprised to hear the question regarding the Olympics myself as I thought we face other than the Olympics. I  mentioned that the governor stated that they would go with Olympics as planned (I heard yesterday on the news) but quite a few people doubt whether we can or not with so much uncertainty.

The other topics included he name change of Redskins.  On this, I talked briefly about the interest in BLM in Japan (relatively low), and  inequalities are not usually linked to the race  directly. (I wish I could mention that it does not mean we have no issues related to race in Japan.-no time.)

_We also discussed that  US super rich attempting to change tax laws so that they can get higher tax!  and the  alcohol ban in South Africa to keep healthcare system capacity.  We did not get around to discuss much on “disappearing tipping”.

I get quite nervous before the show as I find out the topics just about an hour before the show and it is live.  I do enjoy it, however, and appreciate the opportunity very much  I also realize that Japan seems so distant from the rest of the world-(UK to be exact,) in what is covered in the news and what shapes people’s interest. You can hear the show here. (It is close to 1 hour!)

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