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20160722_Davos-1024x682Tomorrow evening (July 22), we will host #39 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at Life Net Insurance Co., The topic is how to design your social security net?
I am at Vancouver airport lounge waiting for my flight to Tokyo to make it to this event. As I have been away from Japan, exposed to media from other places than Japan, I may be more aware of the discontinuous change taking place throughout the world. (In fact, this is the name of the course I teach in the fall at KMD!)
As I see scenes of terrorist attack by the group and/or individuals with no hope for the future, Republican National Convention where speakers talk about how bad the other candidate is, I cannot but think that the world has become the place I am not familiar with.
In the face of more changes and uncertainties, how can we design the type of life we want to pursue and what can we do to secure that?
This is the topic we want to discuss tomorrow. If you find your evening free unexpectedly and/or are slightly interested in discussing rather serious subject, but in a casual/friendly way, join us tomorrow.
I will also introduce the crazy idea of having get-together/reunion in New York in the middle of August! For registration, follow this link. You can also just show up! See you tomorrow!

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