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I am hosting a seminar on Tuesday, February 20 at Kasumigaseki, It is entitled “Steps to becoming a global leader” (which is the typical topic these days) I would like to share with you what I plan to do and what you can expect.
With the world changing at even faster pace these days, what we need is to have our own view/opinion and share them with others. The topics can be anything from Winter Olympics starting today in South Korea, volatility of stock market which has swept the world or virtual currency and block chain, for example.
What is important is for you and me to have a view on these topics (we need NOT be experts as nobody knows the future these days) and share them with others. The first step forward to do so is say something. If we want to reach many people, the medium most effective and efficient would be English for now. If you express your view in English and listen to others, you can start the dialogue to explore the topic even more.
I often hear from the Japanese people that they can do it in Japanese, but English becomes a hurdle. To me, language is just a means and what is more important is the “content”, i.e. “what you think…” it is much more important to form a habit of having your own view and of expressing it. In addition to the psychological block, I hear often  that few people have opportunity to express their view, and engage in fun and interesting discussion in English.
Seminar on February 20 will give you the opportunity to do just that. We will try to get everybody to express their views and share them with others (in English). I will share some of the tips I use to form a habit of engaging in interesting discussion. This is one of those things that you can LEARN by DO. Join us to try learning by doing. Here is the information about the event and how to register. (Unfortunately it is in Japanese only, so you need some help from your friends who can read Japanese.) Looking forward to seeing you then!

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