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I went to the concert at Lincoln Center entitled “John Williams: A night at the Movies.”  I have always loved the music by John Williams and bought the ticket (it took place only one night!) online when I found out about it several weeks ago.  It was FABULOUS and the audience went WILD.  Avery Fisher Hall was completely full and at the end of the performance, we gave standing ovation immediately.

The screen was set up over the New York Philharmonic and the scenes from the movies John Williams wrote were shown for several pieces.  I had known him quite well (in fact, I saw him rehearse at the Symphony Hall in Boston when he was the Music Director of the Boston Pops) AND I saw him at the Lincoln Center a few years ago.

When the orchestra started playing Hooray for Hollywood at the beginning of the Performance, while showing the scenes from the Movies, I was amazed how many movies he wrote music for.  He served as music director for more than 100 films, received five Academy Awards and 45 Oscar nominations.  (He is the Academy’s most-nominated living person!)

The concert  also featured a violinist, Gil Shaham, who played several pieces in the second half.  He was also fascinating and the audience was ecstatic with this incredible duo.   As the audience was so excited, John Williams played three pieces.  The applause did not stop, but the audience finally got the message when he showed that he was ready to go to bed!   I could tell the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience when they were leaving the Lincoln Center.  It was such a nice feeling that we shared great moments by one of the most accomplished composers for film and for the concert stage.    What a a great way to spend the evening!

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