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shutterstock_122081885IMG_7599On the second day of Summit in Abu Dhabi, we had a cross council meeting with Education council. I used to be a member of “Education & Skills” council. We were trying to explore the area of collaboration through this joint lunch.
One thing I found out from Education council was that new approach to education has been tried by companies in many different parts of the world, in particular, engaging younger generation than university students. I also found out that rather than trying to change the educational system(because of the persistent resistance to change in the sector?), new approaches have been tried, away from the traditional approach to education.
At our Future of Jobs council, we have identified that companies in the survey are interested in collaborating with educational institutions. As new skills are needed even within the next five years, how we learn new skills is critical issue for all of us.
On Friday, November 6, we will have Yusuke Matsuda, founder of Teach for Japan, as our guest at #31 of Davos Experience in Tokyo. In addition to brainstorming the issues TFJ faces, we want to think more broadly about creative and innovative approach to learning. So join us by registering through this site.

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  1. Good effort.

  2. Online Education is also suitable for the students.

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