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Finally!!, the article I have worked with the help of editor at Nikkei/FT by exchanging notes over the past several weeks was published in Nikkei Asian Review.  It is entitled “Advice for dangerously complacent Japanese millennials.-Don’t be replaced by robots, acquire 21st century skills and work with them”.   It tries to shed light to the Japanese millennials when the topic about Japan tends to focus on ageing.  It describes how there are two distinctive groups among millennials in Japan, both affected by the series of events such as financial crisis of 2008 and earthquake of 2011 in addition to the long-lasting lack of economic growth.  One small group consists of  those who take positive view and go on to take risks in the global arena, and the other, much larger group, who who seem to seek security, conform to the rules, and stay in rather narrow world.

I argue that with their familiarity with technology etc., the millennials (even the conservative ones) can stay ahead and enjoy great potential which technology enables them. My advice to them is do NOT be complacent, but make the best of the opportunities they have, by developing skills needed today and take a step forward.   I wanted to keep the tone positive and encouraging, as I do believe the millennials can shape the future.

Here is the link to the article.

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