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At the Nikkei Global Strategy Forum, Mr. Miyakawa of Price Waterhouse Coopers introduced us the result of Global CEO survey. In particular, we discussed the difference they found between Japanese CEOs and the rest.

I found it interesting that Japanese CEOs had lower score for the stakeholder groups they plan to strengthen relationship– namely,  Government & regulatory agencies, Users of social media, and NGOs.  At the Global Forum we focused on difference, as the topic was the business expansion into ASEAN countries, in particular, Myanmar.  Mr. Miyakawa pointed out the low score of Government & regulatory agencies, as this is quite crucial in new emerging economies.   I thought that the age of Japanese CEOs (I am assuming older than the rest in general) had something to do with the low score of Social media users and NGOs.   I had suspected this tendency among the Japanese CEOs and found the survey very informative and helpful.   I believe the Japanese CEOs need to be much more aware of the presence and importance of social media and NGO in the world.

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