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   This past week was full of happy occasions. I had a fabulous opportunity to attend dinner with the Japan Prize laureates and later attended the reception in their honor. Three distinguished scholars who were awarded the Japan Prize “literally” opened up the totally new frontier, which made the world much better place. It was such a pleasure to meet with them, hear about their accomplishment and participate in the celebration.

   At the reception, I was struck by the remarks by the U.S. Ambassador Mr. Scheiffer. He said, after introducing three laureates and their accomplishments, that they made the Americans so proud of being American. I remember that I heard this expression related to “pride” many times while I lived in the U.S. I noticed that people often say that they are “proud of”… whether it is their country, organization, family members, etc. I thought it was a wonderful expression.

    When my parents came to the commencement at the Darden School, University of Virginia, when I received my MBA, many years ago, they were very impressed that many people told them “you must be very proud of your daughter (which is me!).” I remember the conversation very well, as it gave me such a warm feeling.. I was very happy to make my parents proud of me.
   Later on, I have noticed many times that people say things like they are proud of being a member of this project, of this group, etc. etc. I realized that “pride” must be a very significant part of their life.I think it is such a nice thing to say that I am proud of being member of this organization, project, family or the country.
A few years ago, my mentor at the graduate business school (who is in Boston) said that he was very proud of my accomplishment. I was so moved by his expression and felt that I want to do even more and be better. What a motivating and inspiring words!

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