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Yesterday (July 24) , I went to Fukuoka to serve as a coordinator of the discussion at West Japan Productivity Conference 2014. The overall theme of this 2-day conference is “Make the best of Japan Power now–Challenge for management & labor for sustainable growth.”

The panelists included Mr. Tsuda, Chairman & CEO of Yasukawa Electric, Mr. Koga, president of Rengo and Mr. Mitachi of Boston Consulting Group Japan. Each panelist, representing management, labor and consulting shared their view of the outlook of Japanese economy and the issues they see. We discussed quite extensively about Japan Power-what is it? and how can we make the best of it?

As I reflect back our discussion, I wondered what is the link between Japan Power and Japanese. I personally have been interested and committed to developing individual capability so that they can contribute to the world. In that sense, #17 of DET (Davos Experience in Tokyo) scheduled tonight at 7:30 pm is very relevant to this topic.

The topic of today’s discussion is “If you were to be reborn, do you want to be born Japanese?” I would be very interested how participants react to this question. (In fact, I tried the same “What if?” question with two groups-undergraduate students and young business executive, and found their responses fascinating.) Is “Japan Power” separated from the “Japanese”? What is the significance of Japan Power (country) and of the Japanese (nationality) in the face of globalizing world? I cannot wait to hear the views of the participants tonight.

You can join us to discuss/debate this issue in English by registering through our website. In case website is down or does not accept registration, please come directly to the venue-Wilson Learning International. I guarantee exciting l and inspiring discussion! See you tonight!

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