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On Friday, August 16, I visited Japan House in Sao Paulo.  I moderated the panel at the kickoff of Japan House project held in Tokyo in 2015 and wanted to visit Japan House when the opportunity arrives.  I happened to find out about it in Sao Paulo (the first Japan House built) and asked for the visit.   It is located along the main street of Sao Paulo in the area where many museums are located.

Outside of Japan House, designed by Kengo Kuma is very attractive and different looking, and the inside is even more attractive.  They exhibit many contemporary Japanese art and the preparation for the upcoming show was underway.  It is the cloth from Japan.  The main exhibition now held is by Tsuyoshi Tane, young architect based in Paris.  His work is displayed all over the place with very insightful comments and statements.  I was very impressed and was quite happy to find that he designed the National Museum of Estonia, the country I have been very interested.

After the visit at the Japan House, I went to join the monthly luncheon of the Japan Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo. I sat next to the General Council  Noguchi, who came to the presentation last night, too.  He told me some interesting news.  I gave a brief talk on Society 5.0 before the main presentation on Cyber Security by Dr. Takeuchi of NTT.  I met with so many people in the past day and a half, and I am almost out of name cards!

Last item on Friday’s agenda was Dinner with Josuikai members.  It was just about the first time I ate Japanese food in 8 weeks or so.  I enjoyed talking with Josuikai members, from young and new alumni to the ones who have been in Brazil for a long time.  It was nice dinner and I am grateful for the arrangement.

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