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Saturday, February 25, I had an opportunity to moderate one of the panel sessions at the Japan House Forum 2017 held at Omote Sando Hills. The title of the panel was “Beyond 2020” and we had five young talents covering a variety of fields. They were Hitoshi Kinoshita of Area Innovation Alliance, Kenta Koga of GAKKO, Keiichiro Shibuya, artist, Akiko Naka of Wantedly, and Daito Manabe, media artist.
I had met with Akiko before as we did panel together at Global Women Leaders Summit about a month ago, I had read one of the books that Hitoshi wrote and had known GAKKO for some time. But overall, I did not know much about their activities and had accessed their website etc. in preparation for the panel.  I was quite excited as all of them seem to be doing something very creative (some beyond me!) and at the same time, I wonder how I should proceed with the panel as they covered many diverse fields.
Though I checked the structure of the session given right before, I did not have much clue and jumped right in. (What else can I do?)
It turned out quite lively and interactive discussion (some of the parts I did not quite understand) and I had some fun. I am not quite sure how the audience liked it (in particular, judging from the questions/comments from the floor, I am not sure…) but it was a great experience for me.
I now know that we have quite a few very talented Japanese who are doing interesting things regardless of the location (not necessarily confined to Japan or Japanese!). I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know these talents and exposed to new areas.

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