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 On August 1, I went to Fukuoka to do a session for the Japan Future Leaders School.  This is 2-week school for the highschool students throughout the country.  This year marks the seventh of the school and they had 180 high school students. 

  This is the first time I was invited to do a session.  The speakers are like “Who’s Who” in politics, art, science, business etc. etc.  I felt honored to be invited among such a distinguished group of people.  The title of my session was “New era of the 21st century,  new business and new career.”  I did one-hour interactive session, starting with”what was your dream when you were a kid?” and asking various questions such as  “what did you buy recently?”  Students were quite active in responding and I had a lot of fun moderating the session.  At the end, we had 30 minute Q & A session.

Leader   My session was followed by the discussion by students in 8 groups, some of which I visited.  They were debating “Do we need degrees from good schools?” “How do we let the world know of the beauty of  Japan?” etc.  I wish I could have visited all of the groups, but time did not allow me to do so. 

  I had an opportunity to attend the session by Mr. Toshiro Nakamura,founder of Nakamura Brace.  I had wanted to meet with him as I had heard so much about the company, and it was such an honor.  His session was very inspiring, impressive and moving.  I felt so fortunate to be given this opportunity. (We had lunch together afterwards, from which I had to rush to go to the airport!)

Leaderall  I love interacting with high school students, as they are the future.  Though it was a bit hectic as we tried to squeeze many things and I had to rush back to Tokyo for another meeting, it was very inspiring and exciting day and a half.

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