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Now the video of session #12 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series held on February 7 is available at our website.  It has taken a while for us to review video and  thus was uploaded after the session in March.  I am introducing the video now so that you can get the feel for Davos… series.  It is available through here.

At the beginning , I talked about Prime Minister Abe’s key note speech at Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos at the end of January.(REAL Davos!)  Because of the interest and attention to Japanese economy by many in the world AND his key note speech in English at one of the best timing at Davos, media coverage in Japan and overseas was quite extensive, much more so than in the past.  In fact, I  was interviewed a few times for radio and TV about Davos in general.

The video on our website shows me discussing the PM Abe’s key note speech and his speech itself. After some discussion of  PM Abe’s speech etc. I explained the background of the topic “Japan as a safe country.”  (which lasted about 15 minutes or so)

The task for #12 of Davos experience in Tokyo series was to develop commercial for Japan as a safe country, as a brand manager. This topic was selected in January to meet the need of re-branding of Japan and to make best use of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  In early February, Sochi Olympics were reported extensively (though it feels like distant past now, as there are some talks about “Cold War again” and G7 rather than G8.)

Participants worked in small groups with the toys and other small things given to each group.  They were expected to use some when developing the commercial.

While they were working on the commercial, I joined the online discussion with two young men from Hongkong and two ladies in Tokyo. It was the first time for me to facilitate the online discussion by myself and it was a challenge.  Hearing their comments was sometimes very difficult and the sound of video is very bad at certain places. But we carried on, discussing their own impression of Japan, how to appeal the safety of the country and how they convey the unique message of their own country to the world.

Toward the end of the video, we acted out as if each group is the team in charge of commercial for safe Japan.  I played a role of President Putin at the closing ceremony of Sochi Olympics and introduced the next site of Summer Olympics–i.e. Tokyo.

Each group came up with somewhat different and unique ideas, but the overall story seemed to focus on how safe Japan is for the tourists–hospitality and kindness of people to tourists, etc.   Though video has a lot to improve (both video and audio), you can get the feel for the session.  As the video is very long (1.5 hours), I recommend that you watch the first 15 minutes or so and the last 15 minutes (where teams demonstrated their commercial).

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