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large_jCDtk1BeUBE0knWZv-GSxX5TUnGLlT8K62PQv8waue8The other day “heading: Do you love going to work?”of the World Economic Forum tweets caught my attention. It is because I thought I would definitely say “YES” to this question as I very much look forward to Monday morning (I even start Sunday evening sometimes…) but wondered how others feel about it. I found it very interesting that the response to this question (which consists of three pillars and 10 items to measure “Happiness with work”) varied widely by countries. I could not find Japan in the table shown on tweet, so I went to the original article, to find that Japan is at the bottom at 44%.
This figure made me think and I asked the question, “Do you…” at the ICS (Hitotsubashi Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy where I used to teach) Alumni Day on Saturday. (I had been asked to give a talk and my talk covered overall world trend and focused on individuals from job/employment/skills, so the question fit my topic!)
To my surprise, the response from those alumni who were at the auditorium (from different countries) seemed to be less than 40%. I wondered why and had thought probably one of the reasons for low response is the fact that they either work for the Japanese companies or stay in Japan.
At the reception, a few alumni came up to me and discussed this issue. One of them said that he was happy when he was overseas, but not happy when he is in Japan, despite the fact that he does similar work. We discussed a little more about the causes etc.
As I thought about this issue (it i Monday morning and I am all excited about work this coming week!), it occurred to me that I could discuss this topic with two guests at the Global Agenda Seminar #3 on Wednesday, June 22. Guests are Dai Fujikura, composer, originally from Japan, went to UK at the age of 15 and now based in London and Lori Henderson originally from UK and has lived long in Japan. So I thought I could find out more about the difference (UK is 71%) from the two.
dailoriWe will conduct the session in Talk show style without presentation, so we can discuss a wide variety of subjects–soft approach to the global agenda, use of the Olympics, Brexit, AND mentality of two countries that will help u to develop how we can approach a variety of issues.
We plan to make the session very interactive, and will take many questions/comments from the floor. So join us, find out how Japan can become more fun place? among other things. It is not too late. Details and the procedure of registration can be found here. See you then!

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