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“Davos Experience in Tokyo” series has been going on for two years since 2013. We will continue this monthly series in 2015 with some new ideas and formats. (Photo showing networking session in December)

FullSizeRender (59)The first session for the new year 2015 is on Friday, January 23 (as reported earlier) and the topic is “How we can create society where everybody can move freely?”. Our guest is Dr. Ken Endo, CEO of Xiborg.

Some of you may have elderly parents who have difficulty moving and/or you may have had experience yourself that your movement was limited due to the injuries. You can tell how constraining and sometimes depressing if you are not able to move around on your own.

In fact, I see my own father (93rd years old) who used to walk so fast that nobody could catch up with him has difficulty walking now. I also saw the man (relatively young) in wheelchair and using at Honolulu airport and crutches on the same flight back to Narita. (I suppose he must have hurt himself while vacationing?) If we can develop creative ideas to make sure that everybody maintains the ability to move around, we will have more smiles in the society.
Our website is now ready with details and for registration. Check it out and join us on Friday!

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