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img_2109 On Friday, December 16, I had the opportunity to give a talk at J-Win. J-Win is the NPO to encourage diversity, and I know Y. Uchinaga, director of the organization and other members. I have had some experience of giving a talk there before.

This time, it was the part of the sixth program for over 300 career women sent by the companies.
During the preparation phase, I heard the requests for the topic from the participants. It was “global” and “do not try to be perfectionist”. With that in mind, I prepared outline which consists of several parts and the slides.

On Friday, as I was walking toward the venue, I saw many ladies walking toward the same direction. I was overwhelmed to see so many people!
I began with the question to the participants- Best and worst moment/experience in the year 2016- and asked them to share with their team members. (They were sitting in the group of six or so.)
img_2106We had brief discussion on the Best and the Worst and then I began my talk. After my talk, many questions were asked. I always love Q & A as it is a good way to find out not only how my talk is received, but also how they think about topics I discussed during the talk. Questions were good and made me think on the spot (which is great!) We could have gone on another half an hour or so, but we ended the session.
img_2112At the end, I gave five copies of my book (published last year) to the people whose birthdays are coming soon. Naturally I was a bit tired after the talk (I get so much energy while I am on it as I get adrenalin going, but feel tired after about half an hour or so), but was fun.
To J-Win members and staff, thank you for the opportunity.

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