KMD Forum 2013 is held tomorrow, Saturday, March 2 at Collaboration Complex at Keio Hiyoshi Campus from 10:00 a.m.  SPACE project (my global agenda) is hosting Global Debate in the morning at Fujiwara Hall and ideaslab style workshop in the afternoon.

Here is the URL for livestream of both events. (URL for livestream of the whole KMD Forum is given at the bottom. There are many events scheduled.)

(1)Global Debate  10:30~12:00 at Fujiwara Hall

(2)Ideaslab Workshop at Multipurpose room3
Round1 13:00~14:00
Round2 14:00~15:00

※URL for Global Debate& Ideaslab Workshop is different.

For Global Debate, we want those  who watch to make comments and vote. So be sure to join  us wherever you are!  Very much lo0king forward to having you either in the real or virtual space!

For the whole KMD Forum, URL for livestream is as follows: