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As informed earlier, we will host #56 of Davos Experience in Tokyo this Friday, March 2. We are counting on your creative and innovative ideas to make the city of Kamaishi memorable destination before the Rugby World Cup 2019.
Kamaishi has many things to offer from generous and enthusiastic community of die-hard fans of rugby to local Japanese SAKE, among other things.
As March 11 is just around the corner (Kamaishi suffered from the big earth quake in 2011), we want you to think of unique experience for visitors to enjoy Kamaishi together with the people there.

We will hold the session at airbnb office in Shinjuku (known for cozy and friendly atmosphere), as airbnb supports the effort of Kamaishi to make the city sustainable beyond Rugby World Cup in 2019 by designing Magical Experience AND to provide accommodations.  Join us and design experience only you can design.  For details and registration, go to this site.  Hurry! as we will provide detailed information to those who register.

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