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This evening, I joined group of super ladies in Tokyo. Several professional ladies who work for different companies get together once in a while to have great dinner and great time. As majority of them work as professionals, sometimes, I run into them at the airport lounge in JFK and/or find out that we are in NY at the same time, though we did not know that.
So I am always looking forward to the occasion. They select great place for dinner and that is part of fun. (I am not a person with information on great restaurants etc., so I appreciate the opportunity to find out new place, each time!) Today, we had only 7 people as some had health problems due to the fluctuating? weather these days.

But we had every reason to celebrate!- First celebrate a great group/community we have and we can share and second, the promotion of one of our friends to the top job-managing director of Japanese subsidiary of German company.

We had great Yakitori and other dishes and finished (I believe) three bottles of wine!  Fun evening, as I am always grateful.

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