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I am scheduled to give a key note speech at IT Forum in Salvador on Wednesday April 17. I am now on my way to get there (currently in Washington DC)  As this is the first time I visit the country of Brazil, I am quite excited about it.  My topic is “Society 5.0 in Japan” and I have done some research to update information and status of Society 5.0.

Society 5.0 is Japanese initiative to co-create the society with digital transformation and creativity/imagination.  It is an interesting attempt based upon private sector and the government, and compared well with SDGs, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industrie 4.0. Unfortunately, this initiative is better known overseas and most of the Japanese business people have not heard about it. (At the workshop yesterday/today in Japan, only few have heard of it.)  I feel it is an honor to give a key note and in particular, be given the opportunity to share our thinking (and my own perspective) on this topic in and out of Japan.

Let us see whether I can get to the venue in time.  (As I wrote earlier, I am having some trouble with the originally scheduled flight from Sao Paolo to Salvador…)

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