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After three days in Dubai in summer, I came back to Tokyo, almost came down with cold, but managed to finish all the assignment this week! It is TGIF! and I am so relieved.
img_1870This morning I came to Peninsula Hotel taking early train to escape rush hour and joined the panel for the Skills 4.0 session organised by the Economist Corporate Network. Other panelists included Mr. Yagi of Lixil, Dr. Sakurai of Dow Corning Toray and Dr.Story of Dale Carnegie Training. with these experts in Human capital, I made some comment and exchange cards with so many people who were present. The comment I find significant and useful was “Leaders need to lead change. In the process, it is important to get rid of bad guys.” As I am involved with few companies which are in the process of major change, I feel convinced and see the need to how we do it.
img_1876I then went to meet with my bank manager to make best? of recent volatile market at Roppongi Hills. (Photo showing Christmas tree there.)
After the brief meeting, I had an interview on CSR by the company. I am afraid I mentioned many things which were NOT expected by the writer and staff, given almost revolutionary change taking place this past 10 days or so.(Featured photo is with staff of the company.)
The last agenda for today was the review meeting of Global Agenda Seminar 2016. We discussed interesting idea for GAS alumni and the topic for the 2017 series. I am excited about both.
Now that I am finished all the items on my To do list for today, I am off to the concert hosted by the Ambassador of Venezuela. I am very much looking forward to it.

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