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It is already in the middle of February, the second month of the year 2013!  I had New Year resolution etc. in January and was in a great mood to start a new year.  Then January went by very quickly and now the first half of February is already gone!

With social media, SNS, email, etc. coming every minute, our  lives have become so fragmented.  Recently I came across with the talk and the articles on the subject of how not to get rushed and make your life even more fragmented.  You need to have some relaxed time and rest in order to be creative and to be productive.  And yet, we often find ourselves pressed for time to do more things.

I understand that we all have a choice as to how we want to formulate our day and it is US that can stop more fragmentation.  I do agree with the idea, and what is left for me is to practice!  I suppose we can try little by little on these choices, rather than trying to develop the “perfect” solution.  We can try with such small steps including no email/ tweet/etc. on one day of the weekend, and then go further.  Practice is the key!

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