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Today, June 21, is Father’s day.  This year, I went to have small lunch with Dad at the senior residence few days ago. In the past, I hosted lunch for Dad at my apartment with some friends and relatives.  This year, it is a bit hard to do that, so I went to see him with some lunch and photo card I made for him.  (I sent another simple one today, but it was not delivered in time, unfortunately.)

I decided to do Father’s day as my Dad’s birthday is in December (for which i also host lunch with relatives and friends) and Father’s day in June is half way, ideal occasion for another big lunch. Last year, Dad came to my apartment and two of us had lunch on the day. (I had planned lunch with relatives and friend the day before, but my Dad declined last minute and three of us decided to party without him with drinks and nice lunch!)

  The year before last, my stepson and his daughter (my grand daughter) arrived in Tokyo the day before and they joined us for lunch.  It was such a nice occasion and my Dad (and I) loved every minute of it.

This year is a bit different, but it is Father’s day and I wanted to celebrate it with him.  It is a good excuse to celebrate with your family!

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