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While I was in New York, I heard/saw on TV “It is xx. Do you know where you children are?” We can paraphrase the question as “It is 10 pm. Do you know where your day went?”
This is what we want to address a week from Friday, February 24, at #45 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
Labor productivity and in particular, overtime work hours have been discussed and debated lately. (as we are one of the longest work hour countries in the world!) Though many of us realize how important to use time/energy efficiently and effectively, implementation is quite challenging.
In fact, many of us may not be aware how we spend our time. So on Friday, February 24, we want to track how we spend time and brainstorm how we can use time/energy more efficiently and effectively.
Some of you may feel shy about discussing the issue in English, but it is quite casual and informal as you can see in the short video of last session. As we brainstorm in small groups, everybody gets to talk. The person who is reporting back his group discussion in the latter half of the video is the first timer.

So join us to have fun. Details and registration is here.

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