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At 6:00 pm on Wednesday, August 14 (Salvador time), the IT Forum+ began with hundreds of people attending.  I finished my key note presentation “Society 5.0”  after the presentation by IT Midia president on data related to the actions/attitude of private companies in Brazil to AI (which I found very interesting).  After I did the rehearsal at 10 am to find that my presentation was too short (25 min. instead of scheduled 40 min.), I added some remarks and revised the flow a bit.  I timed my revised presentation (only the words, not slides), found it was just about 40 minutes, and felt ready.  I then went for the interview by Carla, who was at my presentation in April. It was very interesting to hear questions as some I have NOT thought of. I enjoy this type of dialogue as it gives me food for additional thought.

After the rehearsal and interview, I went to have light lunch, as I was afraid I might be out of energy (after light breakfast in the morning.)  I went back to the room, took some rest and got ready around 5:30.( Photo on the left is with Deborah of IT Midia who has helped me so much in the process.)

My presentation went fine and I stayed to listen to other presentations (with translation.)  I found IBM’s marathon project quite interesting.  Panel by three business people gave me some interesting insights, too   It went on and on and finally the opening session ended around 8:30 pm.

We move to the seafood restaurant and I joined the long table of people.  Felt relieved, I enjoyed excellent seafood (I even had some shellfish, with no need to worry (sometimes I get sick over shellfish when I am tired) with red wine and good company.  It was very relaxing and came back to my room close to 11:00 pm. I am glad I finished my key note and now getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for Sao Paulo where I stay for three days, visiting places and making more speech.  I did not stay in Sao Paulo last time, so I am very much looking forward to it.

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