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Last night (October 31), I joined the evening of Israel Innovation & Rugby organized by my friend M. Ogawa.  As I have been studying Innovation & Human capital development in Israel and am scheduled to visit Tel Aviv next week, I was happy to join the group.  There were some 50 of us,-35-40 Japanese and 10-15 Israelis who came for the World Cup.  We were seated at tables and talked with other members at the  table (I was with the CEO of Israeli insurance company) and two Japanese business people.

There were some presentations made by the people from Israel on the start ups and technology, which I found extremely interesting. I was particularly interested in the technology related to diagnosis and treatment for brain tumor, cancer detection etc. I talked briefly with them afterwards about the application in Japan.

It was nice to see some people I have not met for several years (who had helped me before in different occasions)  and met with new people.  I met with Minister Asher of Embassy of Israel,(featured photo)  a few members of Japan Israel Chamber of Commerce among others.  It was very inspiring and informative meeting.   I am very much looking forward to the visit next week AND plan to follow up with the second? visit once  the direct flight becomes available in March!

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