Israel was the topic that cut through two of the meetings I had today.   I met with K. Sakakibara of Samurai Incubate after few years to ask several questions about start-up in Israel and development in Africa (Africa was extra!)  It was very interesting and I learned a lot. (I will review tomorrow first thing in the morning!)

I then went to Swiss Residence where St. Gallen Tokyo reception was held.  I moderated the panel with four panelists on the topic of “Freedom Revisited” (topic for the 50th Symposium).  I was quite concerned as to how to proceed the discussion as the topic is quite philosophical for interactive discussion (I thought). We also wanted to have interaction with the participants, and thus I had to steer the discussion accordingly.  I felt we could go on more but finished the discussion and moved on to the reception/buffet dinner.

I met with some old friends and new people and talked briefly.  (I wanted to take a photo with panelists, but I missed the timing!)

The last item for the day was the nice get-together organized by my friend, Tomoko Namba, for her late husband.  I did not want to miss and arrived a bit late, but managed to talk with Tomoko briefly. (She went to Tel Aviv right after I went there.)  She looked well, which made me happy.  I am glad I went.