13115518_1050263475046902_15729368_nLater this week, the G7 summit is scheduled for Ise Shima area.   President Obama is to visit Hiroshima on Friday.  I happen to have seminars scheduled for Osaka and in Hiroshima this week and wonder how tight the security would be in these places.

I see coin operated lockers are all out in Tokyo (thus I carry  heavy bag around,. Though I understand the terrorist attack threat., it is still quite heavy!.   I see many policemen here and there at the station and on the road.  As I assume that the security would be even tighter in Hiroshima, I will report what it would be like there.

Two major events which are open to the public include “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series #37 on Friday, May 27 and  GAS 2016 seminar #2  on Thursday, next week, June 2.  If you have time, do please come by.