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While I was in British Columbia from the beginning of July for 3 weeks, many friends told me about extreme heat wave in Japan and suggested that I should not come back for a week, as scheduled.  I came back and fortunately spent a week of relatively cooler weather.  Now that I am back from another stay in British Columbia, I am right in the middle of EXTREME heat in Tokyo. (Photo on the left taken around 5:00 am)

It seems extreme weather has affected my body’s ability to adjust to the change in weather and in time zone.  I have just begun adapting to the local time, unlike most of the time when  I have little trouble.( I was getting up around  3:00 am for three days after I came back from BC.)

After 2 meetings and interview at different places during the afternoon today, I was quite exhausted from the heat. ( In fact, I have seen several ambulances come and go (I live close to the major hospital and they is where ambulance takes patients..)

I suppose it will be quite hard to adjust back our body after the summer is over.  It will be particularly hard for the elderly.  With fast aging population in the society, the extreme weather could multiply the problem, unless we take some actions.  (As I am a baby boomer generation,  this is MY problem, too..)  Good sleep, rest and good food with some exercise may be the key, however obsolete it might sound.  I will follow the well tested principles…

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