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IMG_6768We hear “hospitality” as one of Japanese strengths. It has been in the media and in our vocabulary particularly since the successful bid for 2020 Olympics/Paralympics.
As I reflect on the term in British Columbia, where people (I do!) feel “included”, regardless of nationality, gender, race, etc. I think it is what we DO to implement the spirit of hospitality rather than what we TALK about. The first step is to have many different people around you so that it becomes everyday scene, nothing special.
When you walk around in the Whistler village, you see different races, age, nationality etc. Asians, Middle east, Europeans, business people, tourists, those who live here, as you can judge from appearance, language they speak etc.
IMG_6302 Do you think Japan is the society where everybody is recognized as “unique individual with reasons for life” and feel “included”? Have you ever felt that you are “not the part of the society/excluded” for some reason or not?
If so, what can we do to create such society? If not, any lessons we can tell the world?
As I wrote earlier, this is the topic we want to discuss on September 4, at #29 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. We want creative and innovative ideas, based upon your own experience. For details and registration, follow this link. Join us! Looking forward to seeing you.

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