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ADBNext week(September 12 and 13), I will attend the 8th Meeting of the International Policy Advisory Group (IPAG) in Manila,  organised by Asian Development Bank and the Earth Institute of Columbia University.  Overall title of the meeting is “The Future of Asia and the World: Implications for Development Finance” and we will discuss this topic from a variety of aspects.  For example, sessions are entitled “Asia earth instituteand the World 20 years from Now,” “Development Challenges:Demography, Urbanisation and the Environment”, “Building Resilience and Reinvigorating Growth” “Managing Technology and Innovation” “Developing Skills and Talents for a More Inclusive Future” and “The Future of Asia:Implications for Development Financing.”  I will be one of the panelists of the Skills and Talents session held in the morning of the second day, September 13.

There will be Eminent Speaker’s Forum by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs,    I am honoured to be invited to this meeting and am very much looking forward to the lively discussion.  I think the timing is good as there have been important conferences held recently in Asia,  including G20 in China.  My schedule is a bit tight as I have a workshop to run in Tokyo on Sunday and need to leave for New York on Wednesday, but I would like to make the best of the opportunity.  I will report details, so stay tuned.

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