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 As the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum is scheduled for next week, I (and others) have been inundated with many invitations and requests etc.  It seems everybody is going crazy, making arrangement, i.e. extremely busy. Some of the questions I ask remain unanswered,while I receive follow-up requests form the third party such as media.  I realize many people are working 24/7 in the past week or so, and yet, there are more things to do, as many last-minute cancelations, and the need for arrangement happens for this type of the meeting. 

  It seems the only way to keep sanity is not to FEEL overwhelmed and do your best to get things done. (What else can we expect?)  And yet, sometimes, I get irritable because I do not get responses to my request for revision of the artilcle I write, do not get responses to the request I receive from others, while I get more follow-up requests. 

 For invitations to breakfast, dinner,reception and private meetings, you hope that you responded to the ones you want to attend!   As it is such a great opportunity to be with many leaders of the world and experts in various fields, you want to make the best of the opportunity.  This is quite a crazy time of the year! and it has NOT even started!

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