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 We have video of interview I did with Mr. Makoto Suhara, special assistant to the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia, now ready for your view.

This interview was done  right before our SINCA startup session on May 31.  It has taken a while to post this interview since I uploaded the short video of the session.

During the interview, Mr. Suhara explained background of Estonia’s leadership position in digital and how the country has evolved to this status.  We will post the video of the session itself soon as soon as its editing is done.

Our next SINCA session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.  This session will be an Expert session, as the series of significant global geopolitical  events are scheduled in Japan,   including G20.  Our guests are Mr. Tsuneo Watanabe of Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Mr. Tim Kelly, of Reuters.   It will be a great opportunity to discuss recent issues including US China trade friction, Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Iran, status of Hong Kong etc.  Register soon through this link.

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