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This morning, I had an interview with Yuka Tanimoto, deputy editor in chief  of the Forbes magazine and participant of the GAS 2010. The objective is to introduce what we try to do at GAS 2018 scheduled to start in June at Roppongi Academy Hills and to promote the series to recruit applicants.
I shared my view of how the world has changed since 2010 and how I see the concept of “global” and”leader.” This is the subject I have been thinking about these few days as I feel that the term “global” and “leader” seems to have lost the meaning they once had.
“Global” is nothing special as we are inter-connected beyond distance. Whether you are physically located in Japan or elsewhere, you are a part of the world. Thus, there is nothing special about “global.”
As for the “leader”, it was quite interesting that I could NOT really think of any role model of”leader”these days. I have always thought that every one of us has to demonstrate “leadership” in some context and each one of us can design our own “leadership style.” When you think about it, there are few leaders in politics today, few business leaders as companies with significant presence are faced with some issues regarding how much influence they can have over our life.
Something that I still believe in (since we began GAS 2010) is that individuals, and not organizations, play significant role today. My objective is developing individuals with “purpose” of their own, unique value AND ability to survive and prosper anywhere in the world. How we do it to accomplish this purpose can change and evolve with the time.
We are planning to have some special seminars of GAS 2018 (the ones open to the public) in March and in April, while application for GAS2018 workshop series (starting in June through September) will be open at the end of March.

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