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As the sixth of the interview series with the participants of Davos Experience in Tokyo series and panel at SINCA launch last year, here is the story of Yusuke Suzuki.  For other interviews, No. 1, , No.2 , No. 3,  No. 4,  No. 5  His passion was math as he majored in math and wanted to be academic/researcher in Math.  However, as he found out the reality of being a math academic/researcher, he decided to seek the career where his math knowledge and skills could be utilized AND more business opportunities would open.  He took the job of market research firm and stayed there for a while.  As he realized the need to expand his horizon to global space, he joined TED as volunteer and joined Google while working at TED.

He was with Google when this interview was conducted, but I hear that he left Google.  His story is interesting in that the passion for pure math could be applied to other fields and in the global space.  It will give those who are interested in designing own career, several tips as to how to think about your next steps, capitalizing on your unique knowledge/skills.  Here is the interview.

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