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There have been some debates regarding what is taught at business school and whether MBA still has a value. Whether you agree with them or not, it always helps to find out yourself about it from meeting/talking with people who have been associated with business school.
In fact, the panel I joined on Tuesday as a part of BCG worldwide officers conference had a few HBS MBAs and I do know quite a few with HBS MBA (I did not go to HBS for MBA, but I have DBA from HBS and thus have opportunity to join their events.)
In order to encourage Japanese (in particular, ladies) to apply at Harvard Business School, there will be an informal event scheduled at Google on Friday, June 16. (I believe there was similar event in the past.)
If you are interested in HBS or for business school in general, it will be a good opportunity to find out the reality from alumni and from HBS admission director. (As I need to leave for Australia that evening, I do not think I can join the event myself, but many of my friends will be there.)
For more information about the event, go to this site.  PW is 4 digit this year..

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