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The fourth KMD Forum is scheduled for Friday, February 28 and Saturday, March 1.  Many programs are scheduled, one of which is called “Crafts’  Duty Free  Selection”.  It is based upon “Crafts Couture” I introduced before, one of the sub projects of SPACE project which intends to connect the divided world.

As overall topic of the fourth KMD Forum is Transnational  Airport, we called the workshop Crafts’ Duty Free Selection.  We will have a workshop offering a different way to look at the crafts from Asian countries   I will serve as Store Manager (of the Duty Free Shop) and will open and close the workshop.  We will have a big surprise (target of the crafts–i.e. lovely young ladies) joining us at the workshop.

If you are interested in Duty Free items of a bit different kind other than “branded” “luxury” items, liquor, perfume, etc. and want to try something else, this one is for YOU.  If you are interested in the target group students in this group are trying to appeal with crafts accessories, join us.  It will be in English and will beheld from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.on Friday, February 28.  Take a look at our face book event page.

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